PNC Cognitio School (PNCCS), under the PNC Educational Trust, is an educational institution that was built on the bedrock of global standards and whose sole mission is to nurture children towards the attainment of high level of cognitive skills, physical conditioning and becoming responsible citizens with mutual respect for human beings.

It is a proven fact that the brain of a child grows at a rapid pace during the first five years after birth. PNCCS believes what gets into the mind at the cradle stage is like a nail stuck in a green tree. PNCCS aims towards early inscription of values using the right ingredients which will eventually lead to strong conceptual understanding and foundation.

The educational vision, mission and curriculum design of PNCCS recognizes that the future world will be information driven. We are fully committed towards making the transition from traditional educational tools to innovative and inclusive pedagogical approaches.

We at PNCCS have successfully facilitated the overall growth of the students to become mentally, physically and psychologically strong individuals.

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To establish a model society that will create, support and maintain a powerful learning atmosphere supplemented by powerful Global comradeship and well-being.


PNC COGNITIO will work towards fostering a learning environment that will enable the students to become resilient, adaptable, and knowledgeable and in tune with Gen-Z skills. The mission of PNC COGNITIO is also to give an academic, emotional, social and safe atmosphere where every Cognitian will be shaped in to a personally satisfied, intellectual, independent, physically strong and socially responsible adult.


Mr. Ramanjaneya

CEO and MD of PNC Cognitio

Mr. Ramanjaneya, the CEO and MD of PNC Cognitio is the inspiration behind the institution. Mr. Ramanjaneya is a veteran of the real-estate market in Bangalore. He is also the pioneer behind the Mount Litera school in Whitefield. However, deep down he sought to set up a facility that provides students with educational facilities and global learning methodologies that would be unrivaled anywhere in the country. In his own words, his school would be one with “An Indian mission with a Global Vision”. Mr.Ramanjaneya realized that he would need to have the best resources in the education field to achieve this. His pursuit of his dream saw him assemble an array of experienced educationalists who are now the driving force behind his vision to create a school that not only imparts knowledge in its own distinct way but also focuses on the students’ physical well-being, making it the school’s USP.

He was the chief motivating factor in PNCCS’s winning the “Best Upcoming International School in India 2017” award conferred by Education Today magazine.

Mrs. Kalpana Mohan

Academic Director, B.Sc, M.A. (Pol.Sci), M.A.(JMC), M.S.(Education Management),B.Ed.

Kalpana Mohan is a teacher by profession hailing from Bangalore, India with 32 years of teaching and administrative experience. She was the former principal of Vidyashilp Academy, Bangalore from 2005-2016. Primarily from a chemistry background, she has a Masters in Political Science to her name in addition to a Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism and a Masters in Education Management. She is currently pursuing her MBA.

Being a certified Programme Leader by Cambridge University, London she trains teachers for Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers and already worth 60 successful trainees under her stewardship. Her great passion for education propelled her to share her experiences through presentations and orientations in several forums and summits.

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Her expertise ranges from ICSE-CIE and held high positions in both streams. Being a curious learner she also tried her hand at various homeopathy and computers holding a diploma in each of the same. As technologically savvy she is totally involved into enhancing the quality of Technology developments in the school.

She was instrumental in PNCCS’s being awarded the “Best Upcoming International School in India 2017” award by Education Today magazine.  Her efforts towards constantly breaking the status quo in the educational field through the Finnish model saw her being conferred with the title of “Most Progressive Principal 2017” award by Fifth Estate.

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Mr. Nagesh L.S

Director and Trustee

A B.E Telecommunication engineer, he brings to the table a passion for innovating in the field of education. He has had prior experience in managing educational institutions and brings knowledge of the areas around the school to aid in proactive and targeted marketing activities.

A quick learner, his ability to liaison with various stakeholders to bring the latest and best in the field of education to PNCCS’s doorstep ensures that students are assured of being at pace with the world around them.

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He is the engine room of the school and responsible for ensuring the smooth running of operations, which includes transport and safety of children in the school, and cater to any needs that the students or parents may have. He was a vital element in PNCCS’s achieving the “Best Upcoming International School in India 2017” award conferred by Education Today magazine.

He strives to represent and promote the school’s values, create and maintain a safe school climate, and to provide constant support towards ensuring the success of the Finnish model of education in the school. 

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Academic Advisors

MS. Sabine Vilponen

University of Helsinki

Sabine has over 15 years of teaching experience. Starting off as a language teacher, Sabine taught at the prestigious Goethe Institute in Helsinki before taking over as a Planning Officer at the University of Helsinki where she oversaw subject teacher qualification of academic immigrants which included group teaching and mentoring.

She also was a key cog in the planning, organization and implementation of educational visits for international guests to give them an insight into the Finnish educational system. She has vast experience in hosting interacting with delegates from over 15 nations.

Dr. (Mrs) Shobana Vasudevan

M.Com.,M.Phil, B.Ed., Ph.D., P.G.D.M.E.

A teacher at heart and educationist by profession, Shobana has had a career in research spanning 24 years out of 35 years overall in education field. Having completed postgraduate education at R.A. Poddar College of Commerce, Chennai, she shifted to Mumbai after marriage. She is also the proud holder of a Bachelor of Education, Doctor of philosophy and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management of Education. Besides her doctoral work titled ‘Price Behavior of Securities in Stock Exchanges’, she has been actively involved in prestigious research projects organized and conducted by the planning commission.

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She has also completed a major research project titled ‘Suitability of Business Correspondent Model for financial inclusion in slums in Mumbai’ under the auspices of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance.

She has several had opportunities to share her views on Banking, Finance and Higher Education at different platforms in India and abroad. She visited educational Institutions and universities in Germany, Singapore and Thailand. Recently she was awarded a scholarship under the PEIN INDIA research excellence programme by University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Currently, she serves as the principal of R.A. College of Commerce and Economics, one of the prestigious colleges in India and heads the Ph.D. research centre attached to the college.

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Nutrition Advisor

Dr. Shoba Prakash

Chief Health Advisor, MBBS MD, Medical director -Neha Prakash Hospital

A veteran in the medical field and the owner of Neha Prakash Hospital in Yelahanka, Dr. Shoba Prakash serves as the Chief Health Advisor on the board of PNCCS. With the school keeping health and nutrition of students as one of its core tenets, Dr. Shoba’s inputs have been vital to the school in providing the students with a nutritious and energetic diet.

A well-known face in the medical field, she is also a regular in conducting health check-ups for the students and advises the school on health-related trends to keep the students and teachers well-prepared.

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