Kindergarten is a great jump start on life and knowledge and a place where the substance for a lifetime of learning and groundwork is laid. Kindergarten is just the time for igniting and guiding the child’s inquisitiveness and natural love of learning. It fetches an opportunity to learn and practice the needed communal, expressive, and study skills that he or she starts out learning the steps for an efficacious life.

At PNCCS we enable and expand the child’s ability to learn about and from the world, subsequently aiding him/her to establish information, and solve problems. And mounting the spirits of self-esteem and ability to confront his/her challenging tasks through his school years and beyond.

The day is premeditated to greet the flamboyantly colored Classrooms with hangings full of students’ artworks, illustrations and words of attention to accompaniment students to demonstrate their elation in learning.

The activity begins with the circle time which is intended to understanding the emotional needs of the learner and interaction with the peer group.

The Morning breakfast time where-in children learn the importance of breakfast and healthy food eating habits.

We promote Physical activities that develop and nurture the preschoolers’ coordination, gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

The Organized Playtime to benefit the growing child, which help him/her connect with another child or group of children. The Global Perspective subject that enable children to stretch across the customary subject limitations through team work, presentations, projects and working with other learners around the world.

Exploring the Eight Multiple Intelligence – Literacy, Numeracy, Naturalistic, Visual Spatial, Musical, Physical, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal skills through each thematic topic. Preparing children for the classroom experience and getting them ready academically through individual, pair and group activities.

We teach Values to stimulate the child’s comportment and attitude and serve as broad practices within school and away in all situations.

We groom in them self-esteem and meaningful social interaction. And most importantly, we able them to express feelings and emotions, grow self-awareness and self-worth and demonstrate self- regulation and coping strategies.

Lunchtime - table etiquettes, sharing, not wasting food, how to chew food… and many such healthy habits.

PNCCS provide children with an international and a well-rounded experience which allows them to achieve their highest potential.