A Day in the Kindergarten

At PNCCS we have a bespoke, exciting and creative program for the little ones, that spark young curious minds, encouraging them to understand and develop a depth of learning. We re-enforce their natural curiosity and inculcate resilience, confidence and nurture them into independent learners.

In kindergarten, we believe that play is at the heart of all learning. As they play along they are taught communication skills, numeracy, language, reasoning skills, creative skills, as well as building physical development. Kindergarten is a great jump start on life and knowledge and a place where the substance for a lifetime of learning and groundwork is laid. Kindergarten is just the time for igniting and guiding the child’s inquisitiveness and natural love of learning. It fetches an opportunity to learn and practice the needed communal, expressive, and study skills that he or she starts out learning the steps for an efficacious life.

At PNCCS mounting the spirits of self-esteem and ability to confront his/her challenging tasks through his school years and beyond.

The day is premeditated to greet the flamboyantly coloured Classrooms with hangings full of students’ artworks, illustrations and words of attention to accompaniment students to demonstrate their elation in learning.

We have spacious colourful classrooms and integrated outdoor learning areas that are safe and secure for our lovely tiny tots. They make new friends and embark on an onward journey of laughter, fun and experiential learning!