Beyond School

Beyond School program, where children are open to a diversity of activities, extending their horizons and supporting both their academic achievement and positive youth development. It empowers them to explore the world around them, acquiring and applying their knowledge and skills to pertinent challenges both within school and beyond.

When children face competitive activities at school, they not only gain discrete skills, like pliability and stimulus, but they also shape on significant interpersonal skills. The Inter school Competitions offer a chance for partakers to gain an extensive experience, showcase skills, scrutinize and assess outcomes and unearth personal ability. This also encourage students to device advanced techniques providing a great platform to display the knowledge and skills they have amassed over time.

Interschool Competitions

These competitions are designed to identify your child’s abilities and potential. This will be the best platform for young learners to build aptitude whilst encouraging their learning assistance in subjects such as Science, Mathematics, English, General-knowledge and Computers with more attention and meaning. Allows them to essentially learn and practice their reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills, and understand concepts better and deeper unlike the conventional rote-learning.

The acquaintance to such challenging exams will instill in them, the assurance which will attractively shape their disposition and their future. Helping them strive for better and emerge out to be the best in everything they do.

Olympiads and National Competitions

At PNCCS we sequence students to be self-reliant, hardworking, resourceful and diligent for attaining excellence in all tasks that they undertake. Inculcate them to appreciate multiplicity in cultures and religions and adapt a pleasant-sounding shared living, along with apposite etiquette and essential life skills. We instill a sense of accountability that makes them subtle towards the society and the environment.