In the present world of enormous responsibility, the necessity for actual and affected school alteration is mandatory than always. Incessant school advance needs a collaborative team approach. The facilitators are the ones who work on the proposition that students learn better when they are guided and allowed to discover knowledge on their own relatively than constantly being told just facts and information. They having a stability of traditional teaching at all levels of education – it allows students a well-rounded educational experience.

In Subject, Skills, Pedagogy, Student Feedback & Assessment

In-service training is vital for teachers in school as a tool for expert development and to heighten their knowledge and superiority of teaching and learning in order

At PNCCS the In-service training programs are mainly designed for the development of the school system and the educational innovativeness in its entirety. We understand if teachers are to execute their functions excellently and professionally, it becomes imperative for them to necessitate training in new skills and contemporary approach. As the training programs are only designed to fill the gap of professional inadequacies of a serving teacher.

Our Teachers Undergo A Minimum Of 140 Hours Of Training In An Academic Year.

We ensure the full participation of a serving teacher to part take in the training programs, so-as-to upgrade his/her professional skills and interests, following the preliminary training. Therefore, to enrich their knowledge, improve their technical or professional qualifications and bring about variations in their approaches or behaviour in the two pleat standpoint of their complete personal development.
After all, it’s just a reeducation, reskilling and apprising of knowledge in a continuously changing contemporary world!

Trained By The Best Of Resource Teams:

In order to provide adequate and efficient training to our educators and students develop essential skills, we collaborate with the best in the business of education to offer their expertise to design innovative and modular Programs and take all indispensable steps to expand the skill training scenario. That is supporting, inspiring, and transforming to the present-day global learning system.

Training Providers: Cambridge International:

A globally, established complete support programs exclusively for learning communities. Cambridge offers to transform professional learning for practicing teachers and leaders and their schools. It also provides international benchmarks for professional learning, leading to valuable certification and progression.

The methodology is to energize professional learning communities through training and school based development programs to heighten confidence, responsibility and reflectiveness. Therefore, to encourage educators to reproduce on and take greater accountability for their teaching, as well as become more innovative in their classroom practice.

MASP - Microsoft Aspire School Program

MASP is a forerunner Program that empowers K12 Education Institutes with experiences that bring learning to life, in and out of the classroom. It allows school leaders, educators & students to reimagine how technology can enrich learning outcomes.
The objective of the program is to enable schools to have access to the latest Microsoft Technology & global education resources.