Home Connect Assignments

Even with the entire day spent at school, most of times, the allotted class time is not continually adequate when it comes to fetching students with their school work. Setting home assignments allows students to a revisited satisfied learnt experience, away from their friends and other schoolyard interruptions. It lets them develop time management and study skills.

Independent learning or self-direction is a delightful recompense for learners as well as an implausible life tool. It allows pupils set goals, screen and assess their own academic expansion, and manage their own impetus towards learning and responding to promote thinking, problem-solving skills and deeper understanding. Students’ discovering for themselves is at the very core of learning. Independent learning has a high impact on pupils’ progress with:

  • Enhanced academic performance
  • Augmented motivation and confidence
  • Enlarged chances to be creative
  • Nurtured social presence
  • Improved opportunities for effecting distinguished responsibilities,
  • It broadens Students’ sense of responsibility making them self-managing and self-regulated and concluding more affianced, involved, and empowered as a consequence!