Chairman & Founder –
Mr. Ramanjaneya S. R. B

It is indeed a great honour for me to be part of today’s educational system. From creating “Abodes of Wisdom” - infrastructures for reputed institutions like Zee School and NPS, in 2016-17 I was deeply moved and encouraged by fellow academicians and family to start PNC Cognitio School. The school is named after my beloved parents, which I proudly share with my students, staff and everyone, as a reminder that Parents are our first teachers, guides for a life time and it is indeed the duty of every child to respect them. Over the last decade Bengaluru city has evolved to be a Resource Hub of talent to the world’s fortune companies and a home away from home for over 150 nationalities that now reside in this garden city. Thus creating a need for a school that resonates the aspirations of every parent. And today’s parents aspiration for education is driven by their own experiences to success, What they dream for their child? and the ever evolving world. PNCCS is my dream school which aims to provide the “Lung Space” in the heart of Whitefield, Bangalore which today’s generation of children are deprived off, and which 60’s to 90’s children cherished.

The 7 acres campus gives an ample opportunity for my students to enjoy the freedom of learning in spacious classrooms, learning labs and research points. It is our aspiration that PNC Cognitio School will be a birth place of future Change Makers and Sport Icons. With the help of Technology we are keeping our parents informed of the Learning Milestones their child is achieving at the end of every learning cycle.

This is the power of AFL – Assessment For Learning – which means the learners, strengths and learning areas are identified and bridged during the learning process rather than at the end wherein a result is given, which could be of little use. In the last two years and this academic year 19 -20 we have undertaken such strategic steps towards our vision of a Quality International School. Resources teams from both India and aboard are now part of our Mentors Team to enhance the teaching learning skills of every Cognitian Facilitator. As much as a Facilitator you too my “Parents” are an important part of your child’s learning. This academic year we have partnered with our parents as they have become mentors for the Navrathna Club thus together we are able to build a “Model Society” by instilling the values and providing the avenues to build Gen Z skills that future model citizens that is our students, should possess.

I thank all my parents who have entrusted their children to PNCCS. We are committed to creating and nurturing each one of their Unique Skills. I’m glad that your child will be one more Gem who would shine and shimmer his / her way through the learning platforms of PNC Cognitio School and the world at large. I strongly believe PNCCS is a school with “An Indian Mission and a Global Vision”.

Director’s Message –
Mr. Nagesh L.S

Talent, what he possesses, perseverance, what he carries and success, what he aims, describes his traits. A BE Telecommunication engineer, with his penchant for pedagogy and his passion beset, forayed into the realm of education carrying the clarity of purpose and sense of mission that leads to attain the impossible and deliver the improbable. He ever believed in the change and respected innovation that builds platforms which allow, create and broaden opportunity.

His erstwhile experience with established education institutions has aided him discern closely the constantly evolving needs of schools and varied demands of different curricula.Decision quality and problem solving, Drive for results, Functional/technical skills, Integrity and trust, Interpersonal skills, Managing and measuring work, Priority setting and Valuing diversity skills is what sets him apart and makes him distinctive.

He brings to the school an effective and unique set of qualities to provide the vision, experience and qualifications necessary to deliver a successful educational experience to PNCCS students and their families.

His always endeavor to represent and promote the school’s values, confront and remedy inadequate teaching practices, create and maintain a safe school climate, to set expectations and effectively deliver results for holistic development of the institution. Whilst highlighting the safety of every individual at the premise is at the precipice of great undertaking.
Shaping a vision of academic success for all students whilst inspiring and translating the mission of the school into everyday practice with a revelation of tomorrow and a promise of excellence, is his emphasis.

Centre Head – Principal –
Ms.Nithya Satish

Ms.Nithya Satish, a passionate leader holds enrichingly a vast experience of over 15 years, in serving across International Schools with Grades K-12 of the Cambridge Curriculum Board. She strongly upholds the mission and vision of Pillamma Nagamma Chinnappa Educational Trust with the 4Cs of Learning that uncompromisingly stands associated with the Happy Quotient of Learners being celebrated in the Systematically Organized Schooling Spectrum of PNCCS.

Her Defined Initiatives of Innovative approaches at PNCCS in Teaching; caters to differential Styles of Learning with tiered Teaching Techniques through the Cambridge Pathway Pedagogy supporting Varied Learners from Slow Learners to Special Need Learners to Gifted Learners that forms the backbone of Mentoring Teacher Leaders of PNCCS.

In a determined note, the Principal says, PNCCS’s Core Vertical & Horizontal Integration of Learning in Classrooms, boosts Proficiency & Competency Scales with Standards to Score, offering a wide range of subject choices with a flexible chance to choose and shape curriculum into nurturing Learning Habits. Also, PNCCS strongly believes in practicing the Pyramid of Learning in the Schooling model Domains of School Curriculum, School Academic Administration, School Inbound & Outbound Administration emphasizing quality work.

Mrs. Satish assures PNCCS is Structurally a condusive learning environment ensuring that Every Child is a Student; leaving no stone unturned; as a Learner in Life with strength to learn, appreciate as well as to teach. The Learning Graph of Student Cognitians at PNCCS is flavoured with Finnish Model that shows a nice deeply rooted blend of talents; transforming their abilities at length and breadth with a horizon of platform to showcase in abundance.

Promisingly, Student Cognitians are accelerated with the Learning Tools, mapping Learning Milestones with Assessment for Learning as a framework, documenting every Learner on an Aligned Achievement Array with Activities and Academics leading gradually and seamlessly into Schooling Sections of Primary Checkpoint Examinations, Checkpoint Examinations, IGCSE Examinations as well as AS and A level Examinations of the CAIE Program seasoned with International and Intercultural-mindedness inculcating Tolerance, Ethics and Values promoting World Peace.

Ms.Nithya Satish is sure of her Cognitian Learners emerging successfully well equipped to face the challenges of Higher Order Learning and Higher Order Thinking with National and Global opportunities well suited for Higher Studies with equivalence as well-groomed PNCCS Cognitian Learners, empowered for the future with the Cambridge Pathway to EXPLORE, EXCEL & EXCEED as the Motto of PNC Cognitio School.

Warm Regards,
Nithya Satish
A Cambridge Pathway with a Finnish Model

Academic Head Message –
M. F. Shanti Anthony

As a 21st Century leader for Curriculum I invite you all to the two R’s which play an important role in the learning journey of your child. The First “R” – “React” and the second “R” – “Respond”. I’m sure we all know the difference between these two. Most importantly we know that “Responding” to a child’s learning process or their results is going to build their confidence in exploring their talents, work on the areas they need to get better at and strive for the best.

At PNCCS the academic team follows the pathways of Responding to the child’s learning needs and Empowering them with the tools needed to “Explore, Excel and Exceed”. We consider ourselves to be a local school in a global setting and aim to provide every child with the quality education and learning experiences that they deserve, whilst playing a full and active role in our local, national and international communities. At PNCCS we strive to educate the whole child and to give every student the environment to express their creative talents and academic abilities in innovative and enterprising ways. We understand that young people will need much more than a suite of excellent qualifications - important though these are – to succeed.

We aim to encourage: international-mindedness; strong interpersonal skills; confidence and cooperation; leadership and social responsibility; enterprise and innovation. Underpinning these will be a quality academic provision based on a rigorous Cambridge Curriculum with an outstanding Early Years Foundation Stage Programme. We will, of course, focus on the core subjects (English, Maths, Science and Global Perspectives) and supplement these with exciting programmes in humanities, languages, the arts, sports and technology.

Our personalized facilities allow children to work with the latest technology, play in safe and exciting environments, explore their own ideas and problem solving capacity, using a wide range of resources and materials, and of course, have fun in doing so. It is, of course, important that children develop a strong and confident command of core subjects. Equally, they need to feel comfortable thinking of new ways to meet the needs of our world, nurture extraordinary ideas and learn how to make them a reality. Applying knowledge to real world situations - that is the Cognition way!

It is my aim to make PNC Cognitio School the ‘First Choice’ school for parents, children and our community. I look forward to welcoming you in person to our wonderful school.