In this century, schools carry a greater responsibility for shaping and preparing children not only for content mastery but also to extenuate skills, values, core competencies which will accelerate their opportunities in this digital age after their secondary learning.

“Unique You” is the signature of our school’s pathway to create students who can write their own stories of success and leadership in avenues today we are aware of and the unknown that they will explore. As me move on to our third academic year, we continue to provide the following support framework to help students get on board with international curriculum and to be successful which includes:

  • The English Language Learner Program.
  • Differentiated Learning Approach to support students with learning differences.
  • The Accelerate Program to help the gifted learners.

PNCCS is an abode for learning wherein every child’s learning journey speaks about laughter, fun and mastery learning of every concept, which is supported by our tailored made assessment tools, to evaluate every child’s learning. Our four pillars of Education is to in-build the 4Cs - Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication. Thus at the end of the learning journey at grade 10 or 12 every Cognitian is a Confident Child ready to move out into the world and carve a niche for themselves, as each of them are “Unique You”.

When students change class within or between schools, they must adjust to new ambiances, become familiar with new teachers and peers, learning new ways of working. Traversing the official school environment, they are also adjusting to the social variations that occur when changing schools and classes.