The Ethos, Aim & Values

To provide a welcoming, safe and stimulating environment where we dynamically proliferate, the joy of lifelong learning, through a multiplicity of panaches reflecting the advances in expertise, with a favoured learning style and portentously with also an experience of fun.

We aim at making the school an epicentre of distinction in which high professional standards are maintained and where pupils learn in a safe, caring and affectionate environment.

We develop to encourage and fulfil every individual’s social, emotional, spiritual, physical and creative latent. Our endeavour is to foster liberation and enable our pupils to become responsible citizens.

We embolden and enable the continuous professional development of staff, ensuring a supportive culture in which all staff stands encouraged to extend and share their expertise.

We strive to develop an appreciation and gratification of aesthetic activities, including music, visual arts, dance, and drama, thereby fostering creativity and imagination.

We provide prospects within a comprehensive and poised curriculum where each child is elated, can accomplish success and fulfil his or her potential.

We aim to present the children with a stimulating and imaginative environment both inside and outside the classroom, which is conducive, inspirational and relevant to their present needs and future aspirations.

We hearten each individual to take responsibility for his/her demeanour as being the exemplar of values to others and to become valuable members of their community.

We make great effort to lead the pursuit of excellence in learning through nurturing the strengths and interests of our pupils, which will influence the way they acquire and advance their liberation.

We endeavour and nurture all pupils’ development constantly whilst bringing about a supportive culture that stands esteemed, cherished, tacit and acknowledged in their journey to achieve their complete and exclusive potential.

We parade an ever sprouting commitment to making PNCCS a sustainable school, actively focusing on a wide range of social issues besides academics.

We also play a pivotal role in the community thus, encouraging strong partnerships and mutual responsibilities with parents, guardians, children, and school staff.

Intrinsic to our philosophy is profound respect to embracing the norm that every child matters.