PNCCS prides itself in providing a safe and methodical learning environment, where academic excellence is achieved through tall potentials, sturdy drive, an interesting curriculum, continuous reinforcement and exceptional teaching. The school offers an affable and resourceful environment where pupils are heartened to ascertain and advance individual flairs, whilst providing programs of meticulousness that incorporate academic, cultural, social and sporting spans where capabilities is immensely heightened.

The school is firmly committed to meeting the needs of the ‘unabridged child’ by providing a winning and reassuring learning environment where children are confronted to achieve their personal best.

Our box is not to imitate or compete with the hefty international schools in Bengaluru. But, we certainly wish to be dissimilar and in doing so, to proposition more optimal to parents and their children.

The school prides itself on a reputation within the wider community as a school which reinforces strong values, provides outstanding teaching practices and specialist programs on…


The Layers thinking repetitive delivers a construction for looking logically at creative works (For example - literature, dance, painting, music) through many different outlines.


They are the designs by which we function and go about the job of learning and working together in a classroom environment. A routine can be thought of as any procedure, course, or form of action that is used recurrently to manage and enable the achievement of specific goals or tasks.


Mastery learning is an instructional approach and educational viewpoint, where the focus is on the role of aptitude referred to the amount of time required by the learner to obtain mastery of a learning task. Understood in this formulation is the supposition that, given enough time, all students can credibly achieve mastery of a learning task.


It is self-explanatory in its own terms. Learn, win and succeed through the journey into knowledge.

Deep Learning is a subfield of machine learning concerned on learning data representations, as conflicting to task-specific algorithms. Deep learning in terms of the algorithms has the ability to determine and learn good representations using feature learning.

In the factual learning process, which always contains variation, there is a gap between what we know and what we need to learn to "do" and in order to alter our comportment and "become" something enhanced!

In order to do that, the learner must bridge the gap from what they know now, overpowering any obstacles to change, to what they will become after they have learned and experienced the new conceptions. This difficult is effectively addressed by integrating a counteractive education dimension into the syllabus and pedagogy..

Reflective writing is a logical practice in which the writer defines an actual or fictional act, happening, communication, transitory thought, memory, form, adding a personal reproduction on the connotation of the item or incident, thought, feeling, emotion, or situation in his or her life.

The Cambridge Lower Secondary program provides excellent preparation for Cambridge Upper Secondary. Key concepts and skills are introduced to provide a foundation for future study. Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint can be used to provide evidence of readiness for the next stage of education, assessing skills, knowledge and understanding.

At the end of Lower Secondary, the individual Research Report prepares learners for their next stage of learning and is particularly useful for those going on to study Cambridge IGCSE or O level. It is often the first long formal piece of writing that they submit to Cambridge and writing it gives them confidence to show that they are ready for the next stage.

The familiarity of learning a foreign language can significantly assist a child’s ability, as communication is seen as a useful skill rather than simply a school subject.

Learning a language has an enormous impact on self-reliance and literacy. There is no area of the curriculum better placed to support literacy than contemporary languages, which teaches how language works and makes the learner more conscious of the mechanism and ingenious use of the mother tongue.

Lifelong learning is demarcated as the entire learning motion commencing during the course of life, with the objective of refining knowledge, expertise, thus enhancing social presence and personal development, self-sustainability, as well as competitiveness and employability.

When students change class within or between schools, they must adjust to new ambiances, become familiar with new teachers and peers, learning new ways of working. Traversing the official school environment, they are also adjusting to the social variations that occur when changing schools and classes.

Good communication transfers information, inspires determination, adjusts approaches, and kindles intelligence. Communication is an important skill for every present student to dominate. Communication skills becomes domineering, owing to the progression in technology, the changing profession backgrounds and the demanding competition in today’s world.