PNC Cognitio School (PNCCS) is located at whitefield bangalore which is, under the PNC Educational Trust, PNCCS is an educational institution that was built on the bedrock of global standards and whose sole mission is to nurture children towards the attainment of high level of cognitive skills, physical conditioning and becoming responsible citizens with mutual respect for human beings.

It is a proven fact that the brain of a child grows at a rapid pace during the first five years after birth. PNCCS believes what gets into the mind at the cradle stage is like a nail stuck in a green tree. PNCCS aims towards early inscription of values using the right ingredients which will eventually lead to strong conceptual understanding and foundation.

The educational vision, mission and curriculum design of PNCCS recognizes that the future world will be information driven. We are fully committed towards making the transition from traditional educational tools to innovative and inclusive pedagogical approaches.

We at PNCCS have successfully facilitated the overall growth of the students to become mentally, physically and psychologically strong individuals.

PNC Cognitio School (PNCCS) is located at kadugodi bangalore.PNC Cognitio School (PNCCS) is located at whitefield bangalore. PNC Cognitio School (PNCCS) is also an top school in bangalore for children bright future.PNC Cognitio School (PNCCS) is also known as international school in bangalore.PNC Cognitio School (PNCCS) is also and best reviewed school in bangalore from last 3 year.


To establish a model society that will create, support and maintain a powerful learning atmosphere supplemented by powerful Global comradeship and well-being.


PNC COGNITIO will work towards fostering a learning environment that will enable the students to become resilient, adaptable, and knowledgeable and in tune with Gen-Z skills. The mission of PNC COGNITIO is also to give an academic, emotional, social and safe atmosphere where every Cognitian will be shaped in to a personally satisfied, intellectual, independent, physically strong and socially responsible adult.


Mr. Ramanjaneya   CEO and MD of PNC Cognitio

Mr. Ramanjaneya, the CEO and MD of PNC Cognitio is the inspiration behind the institution. Mr. Ramanjaneya is a veteran of the real-estate market in Bangalore. He is also the pioneer behind the Mount Litera school in Whitefield. However, deep down he sought to set up a facility that provides students with educational facilities and global learning methodologies that would be unrivaled anywhere in the country. In his own words, his school would be one with “An Indian mission with a Global Vision”. Mr.Ramanjaneya realized that he would need to have the best resources in the education field to achieve this. His pursuit of his dream saw him assemble an array of experienced educationalists who are now the driving force behind his vision to create a school that not only imparts knowledge in its own distinct way but also focuses on the students’ physical well-being, making it the school’s USP.

He was the chief motivating factor in PNCCS’s winning the “Best Upcoming International School in India 2017” award conferred by Education Today magazine.

Mr. Nagesh L.S   Director and Trustee

A B.E Telecommunication engineer, he brings to the table a passion for innovating in the field of education. He has had prior experience in managing educational institutions and brings knowledge of the areas around the school to aid in proactive and targeted marketing activities.

A quick learner, his ability to liaison with various stakeholders to bring the latest and best in the field of education to PNCCS’s doorstep ensures that students are assured of being at pace with the world around them.

He is the engine room of the school and responsible for ensuring the smooth running of operations, which includes transport and safety of children in the school, and cater to any needs that the students or parents may have. He was a vital element in PNCCS’s achieving the “Best Upcoming International School in India 2017” award conferred by Education Today magazine.

He strives to represent and promote the school’s values, create and maintain a safe school climate, and to provide constant support towards ensuring the success of the Finnish model of education in the school.


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