The Pandemic & Me

This is my time during the pandemic that struck the world. First I had to learn what a Pandemic was because I thought it was something to do with Pandas. And so like a Panda the Pandemic was both black and white for me. Black because it was sad L during the lockdown – I had to live a boring life, I could not go down to play, do anything while my parents were on office calls every minute, all vacation plans were cancelled, I could not meet the rest of my family, covid 19 cases were increasing, I became lazy and I got addicted to screens, my badminton coaching was cancelled, we all were stuck at home! White because some happy things J also came out during the lockdown – I got to spend quality time with my mother and father, we got to know a lot of type of birds we didn’t know existed, I slept better, I had a long holiday, I ate better and helped my mother in baking and kitchen work, I got to know what my toys are and played with my legos, we did a lot of cleaning and sorting. I got used to staying in the house, I lived a very healthy life. And finally, online classes started. Even though we suffered a lot, it’s always good to think about good things. THE END!

By Kruti Putrevu, 3C

In the beginning month of December through the news, I came to know a virus is spreading in China. Later my parents said the school is closed in the mid of March, and also happy news that all children promoted to the next Grade. I was very happy to stay at home with my family in a safe place. At the very beginning of the holidays, I enjoyed playing with my PS4 Games and my Cricket coaching club. Soon my coaching center also closed. Later in my Society all public gatherings, clubhouse, play area, Badminton court, swimming pool, Gym …. Then I understood and realized this Pandemic situation is very bad and not safe going out of the house. Still, I was happy about staying home, because my house is a Penthouse with Private Garden. My dad arranged a Cricket practice set up, I did cycling too. Slowly all this routine work was getting bored, that time the school sent us a notice that we are going to have an Online class, Happy to see all my friends. Till now I’m enjoying what I’ve. This Pandemic Situation taught me many things. i.e on normal days, we go to Theatre, mall, restaurants, etc… But we can survive happily without this enjoyment.

By Shya Karan A - Grade 3C

In the beginning month of December through the news, I came to know a virus is spreading in China. Later my parents said the school is closed in the mid of March, and also happy news that all children promoted to the next Grade. I was very happy to stay at home with my family in a safe place. At the very beginning of the holidays, I enjoyed playing with my PS4 Games and my Cricket coaching club. Soon my coaching center also closed. Later in my Society all public gatherings, clubhouse, play area, Badminton court, swimming pool, Gym …. Then I understood and realized this Pandemic situation is very bad and not safe going out of the house. Still, I was happy about staying home, because my house is a Penthouse with Private Garden. My dad arranged a Cricket practice set up, I did cycling too. Slowly all this routine work was getting bored, that time the school sent us a notice that we are going to have an Online class, Happy to see all my friends. Till now I’m enjoying what I’ve. This Pandemic Situation taught me many things. i.e on normal days, we go to Theatre, mall, restaurants, etc… But we can survive happily without this enjoyment.

By Shya Karan A - Grade 3C

When the holiday was declared first I was very happy. Later the holidays were not ended. It was boring as we could not go anywhere. I started missing my school, friends, teachers, aunties. I missed the bus and driver uncle. Even my swimming class is stopped and physiotherapy. On my birthday we could not go outside. My mother baked the cake at home and we cut it and celebrated at home. I was happy that my mother and father could not go to the office. They too were at home. Then the online classes started at 9:00. I was glad that I could see my friends and teachers. By this, I could even learn lessons. I joined a virtual music class. I started singing new songs nicely. Then we got the keyboard and headphone. I love playing the keyboard and singing. I practised writing first I was not able to do it,it was yuck. Supriya mam told it was nice. Then I started writing, writing, writing and now I can write on my own. All teachers are happy that I can write. I also started practising walking using the walker. Now I can walk a few steps on my own using a walker. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents and great grandparents. I am waiting to go outside and go to school.

By Akshobhya - Grade 3C

The next day I was ready to go to School the School sent a message that covid-19 had come as the Prime Minister of our country announced total lockdown and the School got shut down. Then I started missing my friends and teachers from School and I felt bored. Then the School started online classes, but then the School announced no online classes. But after 5 days the School started online classes. Then we celebrated my father’s my brother’s and my birthdays. Then we went on a vacation to Warangal & Hyderabad from 22nd October till 16th November. In Hyderabad we celebrated my mother’s birthday then we came back to Bengaluru. Then I started going outside a little. Then we celebrated New year, then came the year 2021. Then the School sent a message that the School had opened. I started asking my parents that I want to go to school but they said the will send me to School after covid-19 goes. So I waited for covid-19 to go.

By Haneesh - Grade 3C

I was ready to go to school and all of a sudden my parents received the information that due to the COVID-19 we all have to stay at home. I sat at home, got bored and got fat too. After some days the online classes started and that made me a little happy. Now I am in Bhuvaneshwar, trying to become thin.

By Aditya M - Grade 3C

It was very difficult to only stay in the house and just roaming around the house. sometimes up sometimes down I miss school and going out, it was the very boring year 2020, I will always remember the year 2020 it was the most boring year ever and I missed my friends both in school and in my villa,I know for some people it was a very scary 2020.I didn’t even dream that we had to take classes on laptops and computers it was very boring taking class alone in a closed room, with no one to talk to, play just sitting on the chair. Only staring at the computer and as the vaccine came I thought that now finally the worst corona and 2020 will disappear but only 2020 went but corona didn’t go I heard the vaccine will take years to reach everyone, I was again sad.

By Shashank - Grade 5

Well, there is nothing else I want to talk about except “WHEN WILL THIS PANDEMIC END?!!”. This coronavirus has become an evil ruler of the world for the past 1 year. There is not a single thing you are allowed to do. Really it is so difficult to live in a life where NO shopping, NO meeting friends and family, NO outside food. You name it, it’s still and standing stubborn NO in front of you. I don’t have anything interesting in life AFTER this new ruler has joined our world. Now I am starting to miss school, I loved the way we used to fight in class before the teacher came in and also liked greeting the teachers and people of the school in the morning with a song. Let me sing it to you:
Gooooooooood Moooorning Maaaaaaaam!!
Gooooooooood Moooorninng Siiir!!
And the teachers are like “Please stop singing it’s annoying “but we never mended our ways. Well, those days are history for me, and I soon want coronavirus to end. I am also proud of our country and want to say a big THANK YOU to our doctors & nurses, scientists, soldiers, and all the people who helped during ours and their difficult times.

By, Ridhima Grade 5

I really didn’t expect to have a change so soon, I don’t really like the lockdown but I can’t also say it’s the worst as it has advantages as well as disadvantages. Every day the first word I say is.”I’m bored” and I have no idea when, how, what I’m about to do all time until tomorrow. So I don’t have a lot to do every day, I just try to remember something important or my favourite things I did before. I had many things to do, but now I just mostly do the short to-do list I have. But things are getting better as I learn many things like life skills, lessons and other informative things. I hope that everything goes back to normal and it will surely will.

By, Ishaan Jaiminy - Grade 4C

Our world
We feel like we are peas in a pod, but you are the only pea inside it. You are disconnected from reality, sucked into your demonic devices.While doing this, you’re subsequently losing your mind. We’ve become sluggish after all these horrible months in distressing isolation. Some are living paradise, others drowning in despair. Some of us are creating new hobbies like playing video games or spending time on social media, but what’s the point! Life will never be fun as long as we are living in this pandemic. Secretly, our hands are reaching to the sky, yearning for sweet freedom. Now your home feels like a prison. Welcome to our world. You sit down on the sofa, slowly reaching for your phone…but just stop and think for a moment, ask yourself why can’t I spend my time doing something creative? Like: Try to expand my art skills? Or write a diary? Or make something useful? At least do something that will boost your energy or calm you down. Just lay down and think about it; think about what the world would be without health workers, nurses, doctors, vets, and even scientists! Stick to their advice. They are our heroes. Yet there’s this pandemic but they are still risking their lives to help you! So be grateful.

By, Malvika Grade 5

During the lockdown, the days were turning more and more boring, I was forced to look and do things on the computer. The only thing that made me happy was meeting my grandma and staying at her place for one month. I felt miserable, as I couldn’t meet anyone. I felt as lonely as an eagle in the open sky. I kept looking at the empty roads, hoping that it would be full of people once again, though it seemed like it would never happen. I felt like an animal in the cage, waiting for its freedom but on the good side I got to spend a lot of time with my family, learn the piano and we cooked lots of food like cakes Gobi Manchurian and so on and I also got introduced to David Walliams books, now he is my favorite author.

By, Sahil - Grade 4C

On a nice evening when I was eating a chocolate cake and out of the blue this happened: the school just literally closed because of “THE CORONA VIRUS” then I didn’t know what is my reaction because I had almost every reaction you could think of. After a few days, this thing called “THE ONLINE EVERYTHING” has started like the torn jeans trend which is awesome but this thing is the opposite thing. The online everything is just a piece of baloney like a ridiculous thing I mean who can’t go and buy vegetables in the neighbouring shop these people are lazy sloths they are ordering “EVERYTHING” online who knows if those vegetables are even vegetables same with meat, I know most of those chicken that you are ordering online is not chicken at all. You know those times when the exams are approaching you and your dream will be to get good grades the same with couch potatoes it’s a dream for them to get a lockdown so that they can watch tv 24\7.then after 1 month the online classes have started it wasn’t as good as the “REAL SCHOOL” who knows who might be learning or watching YouTube in the middle of the class and it’s so boring. For a few months, I thought it was the end of the world which is not a pleasant experience, to say the least. The pandemic is like a joke to everyone I’m sure a fraction of people doesn’t wash their hands or legs. About 1 year later I’m as you’d expect sitting in front of my laptop for the online class. I’m still waiting to get vaccinated. The pandemic is so boriiiiiiiiiiiing so for the company they are getting dogs or cats and I also want one. I don’t know what in the world should we do in-home except for online class I want to go to the mall but NO because of covid 19. There is a movie called COVID 21: LETHAL VIRUS. Who is a staycation person? whoever it is you probably should go on a real vacation. Because of covid 19 I don’t even know the meaning of “VEGAN” wait I’m googling it ok it means food that is not from animals even milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you even live without dairy products? Why am I talking about all this this is about the pandemic and me. I’m very good at spelling because of this irksome thing I’m confused between ” pumpkin or pumpkin.” For some reason, my friend’s dog chased me for about 10 seconds. I did some fun stuff in the pandemic boring stuff. What did you do in pandemic???????????? I don’t want to say these two phrases STAY HOME STAY SAFE!!!!!!!!         

By, Puneeth - Grade 5

It’s almost a year since the pandemic started! I feel like it only started yesterday, at the same time, I feel like it’s been ages since I last saw my friends; the pandemic seems to drag on and on! I’ve never felt this before, time’s moving fast and slow! Nowadays, I wonder how the teachers taught so fast and we learnt so quick, I also wonder how we, students completed all of our homework in a day, yet we managed to get time to play with our friends for practically one hour! Can you imagine, getting tons of homework, completing it so quickly that you can play for an entire hour?! I know, now it somehow seems impossible! I’ll admit, I used to wonder how amazing life on laptops and computers would be, now, I take that back, I detest life online! What could be as mundanely boring as online classes, online posts, online everything? Who can spend hours and hours on their computer/laptop? Think about it, now, practically everyone!!!! How are we not ka-ray-zee? When you’re actually at school, there’s a lot of noise, the students chattering, the shuffling of feet, the teachers scolding the students! Online classes make a huge difference, I NEVER want to see my computer again (even though I’m using it now!)! In normal life (I mean the life before), as I mentioned earlier, we played for an entire hour, now, not a second, no, not even a millisecond or nanosecond! We never got to get the chocolates for others birthdays, making the other grades jealous with the chocolates! It was fun singing “Gooooooooood Moooooorniiiiiiiiing Maaaaaaaa’aaaaaaam/Siiir” And the teacher shouting, “Is it still morning?”, and we continue singing, “Goooood Afteeeernooooooon Maaaa’aaam/Siir” I can’t believe I’m saying typing this, but I’m starting to miss SCHOOL!!! And no, I am not a nutty klutz, hey, you’d agree if you experienced this! But soon, I am going to be a nutty klutz if this pandemic goes on any longer! We’ve come far enough to ask ourselves, “Did somebody just put me on a year quarantine?” Now I hate the saying, “Stay home, Stay Safe!” Now when I want to undo something I write, I look for the ctrl and z, and when I know I make a grammar error, I look for the blue line under it!

By, Akshara - Grade 5

The pandemic. We all know it. The coronavirus pandemic. Our world changed. Our life changed. Everything, as we know, changed. This dreadful, monstrous, alien-like virus had changed the world. The moment the pandemic started; I knew life was going to be oh so different. Maybe, I thought, maybe us humans will be sucked into virtual reality, and I was right. So, a few months later, the lockdown was upon us; schools closed and every other place you could possibly think of, closed. At that time, I was in England. I used to cry because I missed my school. Now, look at us humans now. Everything’s online now; stores, movies, court meetings, classes, just everything. I feel ashamed, knowing that there are people, unlike us, that are struggling and not stopping until they get it. Yes, I’m talking about health carers. They’ve been helping us, even if it means they struggle. I can’t thank them enough. I don’t know how to, but I’ll still say thank you. Thank you, doctors, nurses, scientists, and anybody else. A few months passed, but the lockdown didn’t. My parents thought it was time, time to go back to India. I was stunned. I hated India. With the dust and the pollution, I thought India was the most unpleasant place on earth. (I was wrong, it’s China and Saudi Arabia) So we moved back. Then we went to Kerala, where my grandparents lived. We stayed there until October; and soon we moved back to Bangalore, where I am now. Nobody likes the pandemic. Not even people who spent half their life watching TV. I don’t think, being locked up in your home for almost a year is a pleasant feeling. Nope. Not at all. This is the end of my “essay”. Thank you, my parents, doctors, nurses, health carers, scientists, my friends, my animal companions, and, my family, for getting me through these times.

By, Meghna Nair - Grade 5

The whole world was sailing in the same boat and probably some of them are still. Our lives changed in a few days and we all were home, literally stuck on the laptop and cell phones. So many communications were to happen, a lot of unfinished work to get done, the work stations were to be moved from one place to another. People had to move their homes and their belongings. The world had begun to enter a new normal is what they started calling it, rather than accepting it. In all this, as a teacher, I missed my learners and my school the most. The new normal which was not normal for me, where I had to get up and cook, then come to the bedroom where my class was waiting for me on my laptop table. Sad right? I missed their innocent faces, the naughty ones, the silent ones and all the others, the times where they asked me a 100th time ‘May I use the washroom?’ ‘May I drink some water?’ and many more! The classrooms that were filled with these beautiful kids were now replaced with just one device, their cupboards and their books were replaced with my cupboard and my clothes 🙁 Well, somehow I did adjust because that is the law of nature, we need to accept the change. Even though this change is because of our planet that was hurt in some or the other way by humans.

By Supriya Kadam - teacher, PNCCS



    What is 7 x 6 ?


    PNC Cognitio School, in its full capacity as a K-12 Cambridge International School also serves as an exam center for private candidates from India and around the globe. We offer a wide-range of subject choices from IGCSE, O Level and International AS/A Level to our private candidates. We cater to them through all three available series for Cambridge examinations: March, June and November making it altogether easier for students to easily manage their exam routines.

    PNC Cognitio School in its sole aim to provide an illuminated pathway for students to reach universities worldwide is an official PSAT, SAT and Advanced Placement Test Centre (#: 63838) in association with the College Board, US. 

    We currently offer all the exam series for SAT, PSAT and AP as offered by the College Board allowing students to seamlessly attempt exams at their own comfortable time and apply to universities with ease. From 2023, students will benefit from digital SAT with better exam experiences and faster results all aided by the advanced systems right here at PNC Cognitio.

    With all of the facilities available at PNC Cognitio School, we strive to be a comprehensive package to students, handing over their most powerful passport to quality education around the globe without any hassle in accessibility. 

    New Grade Familiarization Week

    Any new beginning requires mental preparedness , readiness and handling new information by the mind. Kids are no exception to this as they more dependent on parents to assist them in their decisions and actions. With the kids, it is pivotal to make them feel at home to help them ease in to the new surroundings. New Grade Familiarization week is an important stride towards this aspect. This new initiative started with the academic year 2019 -20. These five days are carefully planned and power packed with academic and co-curricular activities to help children start their new academic year on a high note.

    The onboarding process is designed in benefit of new to children build their understanding between newly found friends and teachers. All of them get to know the school culture and get familiar with their environment. Such a program with a caring vision ensures they step into their actual academic periods totally prepared and excited to begin the year long journey. All Grade students were able to start their learning pathway by bonding with teachers and getting valuable insights into their learning objectives for the new academic year. Grade 9 Students for example were able to lay hands on various tools and designs relevant to design and Implementation. It was such an endearing and pleasant sight to watch all young learners get used to the campus and enjoy the program.

    PNC School Culture and values imbibe children with immense moral insights and the program is just providing them a taste of what they are going to experience yearlong within the campus along with their mentors.

    After School Programs

    PNC’s spacious school, a community learning resource, will continue to offer a rich selection of extracurricular activities designed to enhance students’ all-around development. This array of activities is offered during the week and on the weekend. The school strives to earn an excellent State, National, and International reputation for its inter-school sports activities and tournaments.

    Regular sports activities include Swimming, Cricket, Basketball, Skating, Football and more.

    Support classes in a variety of subject areas will also be a key feature of after-school activities to ensure that any student who requires additional guidance will be able to obtain it. Upcoming activities such as Drama, Arts, Environmental Club, and Music Club will be the new features of the after-school programme. A full range of other accredited skills-based courses designed to develop various future skills will be rolled out as part of the “Skills of the Future Cognition”  development plan, which could include Leadership, ICT, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Gen X Skills, and many more.

    Applying learning and developing professional skills are key to our young people’s successful futures.

    Child's Learning Partners

    Education Professionals – Our highly qualified and motivated teachers have been carefully selected for their teaching excellence and ability to actively engage students in the learning process. We implement an ongoing programme of workshops and professional development sessions, often conducted by noted educationists in around the world, to ensure that our teachers are up to date with the latest developments in educational techniques and methods.

    The Senior Leadership Team and a team of Subject Leaders are well experienced and are complemented by professional teachers to meet the needs of our student population.

    Partnership with Parents – Parents play an important role in the learning journey of the child at school. At PNC we provide varied platforms for parents to interact with the students thus giving them the real time application of the subjects. Through a regular communication system – written and data reports, SMS, email, and a programme of consultation evenings – parents are regularly updated on the progress of their children and activities in the school. Parents are welcome to discuss their children’s individual progress with the concerned teacher or school Principal or any member of the Senior Leadership Team at a mutually convenient time.

    Parent Voice including a monthly forum with the Principal is conducted regularly. These meetings provide an opportunity for all our parents to voice any concerns, suggestions, or ideas they may have.

    Child Health & Safety

    The health and safety support network is made up of people such as extended family, friends, and community members who will work together in sync with the school to develop and maintain a plan that will ensure long-term safety, belonging, and well-being of our Children. A healthy mind and a healthy body are inseparable, binding upon each other for a productive life.

    The purpose of the School Safety and Health Program are:

    1. To promote a healthy lifestyle among students, by providing them with knowledge and skills that will enable them to take responsible decisions to protect their health and well-being.
    2. To build healthy eating habits through the Wholesome Healthy Lunch – The power of 5 food groups.
    3. To enhance the role of students in contributing actively and positively to the national health situation by following various initiatives at this level like – “Swach”.
    4. To ensure that School Health becomes and continues to be an integral part of the overall education program in all schools.
    5. Ensure health and well-being is a key learning area and healthy practices are key competencies to be instilled as part of our curriculum.
    6. The school has developed a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment that involves and communicates with children, young people and their parents/guardians.
    7. We encourage child and parent/guardians involvement and engagement that informs safe school operations and builds the capability of children and parents/guardians to understand their rights and responsibilities.

    Cambridge Pathway School

    Cambridge Primary starts learners on an exciting educational journey. Typically for 5 to 11-year-olds, it develops young learners who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged and includes an assessment that proves and improves learning. Students in this programme follow Stages 1 to 6 of the Cambridge Primary Curriculum, which continues to build on the foundations that are established in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Ongoing reviews ensure that each student’s progress and development are continuous and meet predetermined standards.

    We encourage students to think independently, use their initiative, and participate in a meaningful and active manner in the learning process. At the end of Grade 5 (Stage 6), students will prepare for the University of Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Examinations in English, Mathematics, and Science. The tests are marked in Cambridge to provide an international benchmark of learner performance. Learners receive a statement of achievement and a diagnostic feedback report. Feedback reports show how a learner has performed in relation to the curriculum, their learning group, the whole school, and against all learners who have taken tests in that series around the world.

    The core academic curriculum includes instruction in English, Mathematics, Science, Global Perspective (Social Studies & EVM) and Digital Learning. Kannada is taught to all students and caters for native and non-native speakers. In addition, the school offers French and Hindi. The overall educational experience is enhanced and supplemented with an enriched visual and performing arts programme that embraces both western and local culture as well as an excellent school sports provision.

    The Finnish Education Model

    Freedom to choose, express, explore and learn. These are the wings of the learning flight in PNCCS. Our pedagogy adaption to the world’s best education system is to prepare today’s learners for Gen-Z. As a resource school, it is our endeavour in providing an enriching learning environment for our Cognitions to learn.
    The Finnish Adaptation in our school is characterized by the understanding that a student who is happy in the classroom and is comfortable since he/she is free to learn at his own pace, will learn the knowledge that is needed. Finnish teachers have genuine pedagogical freedom, as well as autonomy to teach. Therefore, they are motivated in their day to day activities. Teachers spend approximately 400 + hours of training during a year. This includes a wide range of skills such as Subject Matter Expertise, Classroom Management, Equipping Students with 21st Century Skills, and many more.
    The Facilitators have at their disposal a range of ready-to-use materials in their classrooms. The learning labs and Research Points empower the teacher to promote experiential and active learning.
    Thus a plant rooted in good soil and environment bears fruits that sustains itself and the community. And so is every Cognition.
    Progressing in this pathway, two initiatives that shape our children’s mind is “Speakathon” and “Thoughtcast”. These learning platforms help the learners to reflect on various topics which impact them, the environment, and the community at large. Learners express, debate, and pen down their thoughts. Thus transforming them into confident individuals who can voice their opinions, accept or reflect on critical reviews and collaborate to find solutions.
    The pedagogy promotes mastery of learning through thinking routines. It is a synonym for the layers of soil. Each is different in texture and composition but all are important.