Field Trips

Field trips are a free day out of the classroom where students can have an educational experience that they never could have had in the classroom. The students get to interact with what they are learning. The involvement goes beyond reading and they are able to see it, deploy and contribute in it physically.

Experiential Learning

In the system a thematic course preparation, the teacher chooses a variety of properties, books and activities they feel would be interesting for the child/children and given the existing interest and questions about a topic to engage with. The methodology is typically prearranged and tracks the structure of doings determined by the teacher.

In this module we process our involvements, particularly our critical considerations on our experiences. Experiential learning engrosses students in critical thinking, problem solving and decision making in circumstances that are personally pertinent to them. This approach to learning also includes making prospects for interrogation and merging of and application of the concepts and skills to new circumstances.