As a Learning Partner


Experiential learning is all about learners getting exposure to an array of platforms to know how the concepts they learn are applied in the real world. This year at PNC Cognitio School we have started an initiative to make you a learning partner. The last week of every month is dedicated to a particular concept wherein parents with a background in that learning or work experience will get an opportunity to interact with the students. Thus you become a Learning Partner. As a Learning Partner, you get an opportunity to share and talk about the skills, knowledge, and experiences of the school to support children’s learning. Thus they don’t just get knowledge about the subject but also the real-time application of it.

Successful home/school partnership working depends on developing mutual trust and respect between the school and parents. Hence these platforms help us to build a much stronger relationship with you as our parent and stakeholder.

In an age wherein technology is seen as the only source of information. We get your children prepared to seek information from their families and community. This is one of the most important aspects we need to focus on to break technology addiction and use it for the right purpose. So get set and ready to be back in school….. and be a Mentor, Role Model.